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PRESS STATEMENT: UNITís New York Operation Expansion

Embargoed till 08:00 31/03/05

Major A Highway is to lead up UNITís New York Liaison Office, taking on a revised role that sees the organisation coordinating itís pan-territorial activities into a pivotal single site operation.

ďIím thrilled,Ē explained Major Highway. ďItís a fantastic time for UNIT to be increasing our New York presence. In the last few years weíve played a major part in more traditional threats to national security, but thereís been a sudden increase in the interest in our full range of activities, solutions and counter-measures.

As such, itís important to have someone on the ground in the General Assembly, briefing-up members on occurring developments, and providing a single-call solution that allows members to be instantly appraised of non-national threats.Ē

The Major also paid tribute to his predecessor, Major C Jones. ďHer loss was a surprise to all of us. She was an old and valued friend, and it was a shock to all of us when she and her colleagues were lost in the Jersey Tollgate Situation. Itís impossible to replace her, and rather than try stepping into a role that she handled so well for so many years, Iím pleased that UNIT have rolled out this new system.Ē

FILED: Staff Sergeant A Frederick