Press Releases


Congratulations to Major Bensington who has recently completed the Five Seas Challenge, raising over £17,000 for disabled former soldiers' charities. Said the Major, "It's a strong proof that a soldier, however badly wounded he is, can still accomplish something for his fellows." After a period away from active service, the Major is looking forward to a new placement in Conference Management.

Calling all Greyhounds! Did you serve at Surrey station between 1967 and 1972? The UNIT Archive and Records Section would like to speak to any personnel who remember this period for a commemorative book to mark the station's closure.

Weapons training is once again under review at Advanced Anti-Personnel Combat Barracks, in order to properly acquaint UNIT front-line personnel with the latest developments in the SLR-98 range of DSX. It is stressed that ALL soldiers who may at any time find themselves issued with such hand-ordnance MUST arrange to receive the appropriate training as mistakes with any DSX equipment may have extremely serious repercussions.

UNITNet: Our secure network for UNIT service personnel and their families to keep in contact is expanding, with new services including instant messaging in and out of system as well as a range of financial options. Check your UNITNet account newspage today for more details.

Anniversaries and Dates for your diary.

25.01.05 – It is 35 years today since our involvement in Project Waxwork. A small memorial service was held at UNIT HQ, attended by over fifty personnel, plus family members. £568 was raised in the collection, which will be donated to the Veteran Serviceman's Union.

27.02.05 Captain Martin Bury takes command of Geneva B Company, following a very successful deployment on the Russian Steppes. Upon taking up the post, he gains a well-deserved promotion to Major. Lieutenant Rogers steps up to take charge of D company 3rd troop, currently stationed in Maidstone.

31.04.05 UNIT's Third Annual Extreme Ordnance Testing Day. All ranks welcome to the Aldershot Proving Ground to test the recently acquired TM 9-2330, as well as some demonstrations of classic artillery, including the RR-3390, and, of course, the RS-8020. As always, not to be missed!