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UNIT History: Fighting the unknown

The UN Intelligence Taskforce (UNIT) has been at the forefront of intelligence-gathering and special operations outside operational norms since 1968.

Formed in response to a series of incidents on the London Underground in that year, UNIT was a dedicated taskforce specialising in un-territorial incursions.

The service quickly expanded, making our presence felt in a golden period that spanned the sixties, the seventies, and, some would say, the eighties.

We quickly established ourselves at peace conferences, nuclear power stations, and on weapons disarmament programmes, working closely with the UK's space expeditions to Mars.

During this period immense advances were made in UNIT's understanding of the manifold threats to the security of humanity. Still, it was probably a relief to all when the two decades from the mid-eighties onward turned out to be a period of relative peace, broken only by a few incidents, such as the 1995 Bonnybridge Cigar Confrontation.

At this time, governments around the world took advantage of the peace dividend – in our sphere of operations and elsewhere - to cut the number of armed forces. UNIT, especially, reduced in size, shrinking to a hard core of operationally experienced higher ranks and a still very active non-conventional R&D corps. Recent rises in extra-territorial threats, however, have led the service to expand once again.

UNIT now has over five decades' experience in facing threats beyond conventional combat. Everything we do is without limits, and our forces frequently go beyond normal geographical borders in our duties.

We are uniquely placed to provide top-level, effective and timely defence against exceptional threats. These are exciting times for the Taskforce.

ANY threat. ANY location. Protecting humanity no matter how far it takes us.